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Related article: I didn't write this, but am distributing it for a friend
without a modem (I've tried to get privet pedo sites him on-line but he refuses). The following is an adult fiction story set in the Star Trek
universe. Specifically Geordi and Data making love to one
another in an attempt to help Geordi over come a problem.
It involves consensual sex between two members of the same sex.
If sex between two men upsets you or is against your _chosen_
religious lifestyle I suggest you skip it. If you are not old
enough to read adult material, skip this one. If you have a
problem with a human having sex with an android, skip this one.
If you have something against characters in the Star Trek
universe having sex, skip this story. If you just have
something against sex in general I suggest you seek the help
of a professional. Star Trek and the characters are trademarks of and copyright
Paramount Pictures Corporation. No copyright infringement is
intended. real pedo free photos You are allowed to redistribute pedo child kiddy cum or publish this story
as you please, but must maintain the original title and the name
of the author. Distribution of this story altered in anyway or
with the name of the author removed is not allowed.
Geordi's Rebirth
By John Green
When the computer chirped to indicate a person child pedo land at the door
Data responded, "Enter." Geordi LaForge walked in as the door slid open only the stop
dead in his tracks and stare open mouthed at Lt. Cmdr. Data. "Data what are you doing?", Geordi finally managed to stammer. Standing near his computer console fully naked Data looked up
and said, "I am attempting to change the endowment of my male
sex organ. After researching the subject I have illegale pedo bilder decided to try
and see how being overly endowed changes my porn pedo photos interaction with
others." With that he tilted his head back down and continued
to seal a seam around his genitals with a low-power phaser welder,
leaving no marks in his synthetic skin to show were the old Data
ended and the new appendage began. "Why?" Geordi asked, "And more importantly what caused you to
start this line of research?" Still looking in amazement at Data's
new penis. It was a least 24 centimeters long and nearly as big
around as Geordi's wrist. Having finished sealing the seam Data sat the kinder pedo free welder down and moved
to the main seating area of his cabin. As Geordi followed him he
said, "Please have a seat, I had been hoping to speak with either
you or Cmdr. Riker about this." Geordi seated himself on the couch
while Data took the chair across from him. "Do you remember when
the crew was infected with the inhibition reducing virus?" "Yes, I was the first one infected. Ah, Data could you please
cover yourself. Having that thing pointing up from your lap is
a little unnerving." Geordi replied a little flustered. "As you wish Geordi." Data reached around behind his back, took
one of the pillows and sat it on his lap to cover his enormous
still erect penis. "I have to keep it erect for a short time to
give the plas-skin time to set, otherwise it will not have enough
elasticity and tear the next time I make it erect." "I understand. But what does that virus have to do with any of
this?" "When Tasha was under its influence she pre lover pedo called me to her cabin
and we engaged in, I believe the proper colloquialism would be
'love-making'." Data said. "You and Tasha? I don't believe it. Why 13y pussy pedo didn't you ever tell me
about it?" Geordi said smiling. "I did not believe it was proper. I would not have been able to
feel any embarrassment if it had become common knowledge, but from
Lt. Yar's reactions I believed it would have caused psychological
harm to her, so I told no one aside from Cmdr. Riker and the Captain." "You told Riker and not me? Some friend you are." Geordi said
looking hurt. pedo child kiddy cum
"I had no choice but to telling them, it was used as evidence
in the trial to prove my sentience." Data said trying to make
Geordi feel better. "To return to the original question. After
that encounter I did some initial research into human sexuality.
Did you know that the size of a male's penis was the topic of most
concern throughout the sexual literature of the twentieth century?" "I believe it's still pretty high on the list Data." "I will have to research that when I have time. However there
seemed to be a great deal of attention paid to male sexual endowment.
Men with organs under the average size used saying like: 'It is not
the size of the brush, but the skill of the artist', 'It is not the
size of the tool, but the skill of the workman', 'It is not the...'" "I get the idea Data." Geordi said holding up illegal pedo pics kinder his hand to stop Data
from reciting a list that could go on for days. "The sayings were an attempt to bolster their own self-image, as a
man with a small penis was viewed as being less of a man by society,
while a man with a penis well above average was considered more
powerful and masculine. Men with smaller endowments would also
attempt to compensate pedo rape inocent xxx
by purchasing accessories such as expensive
vehicles and entertainment systems as a replacement symbol for
what they felt they were lacking." Data continued. "You don't want to have to buy expensive items so you gave yourself
a large penis?" Geordi asked confused. "No, I wish to research the flip-side of the situation. Being
without emotions the size of my penis is not of importance to me so
there would be no desire to compensate for it. As I was saying well
endowed men where viewed as being more masculine and powerful. It
was believed that the size of their penis impressed people of both
sexes and gave them greater access to advancement as they were not
viewed as lacking as the below average men were." "I get it. So you want to see if people react differently to you
now that you have that monster between your legs." Geordi said
finally understanding what Data was up to. "Precisely. But your reaction confuses me. By 'monster' I assume
you mean my penis." Data said. "I had expected that envy or jealousy
would be the more common reaction from males. Does the size of my
penis repulse you?" "No litlle pedo insest pic it is just a little unsettling, and a bit exciting for some
reason. I've never seen one that large before." Geordi said with
a blush. "So you find it attractive. illegale pedo videos Then way did pedo top list nu
you have me cover it up?" "It is just unsettling to me. You know how I have never had much
luck with women? porn pedo boy Well most of that is from a lack of desire, so I
never tried to pursue them vigorously. Seeing you like that however
has brought up a lot of desires fetish porn pedo that I've been attempting to repress
for years." 3d video pedo Geordi said looking best pedo movies
down at his hands. "Why should you repress your desire for members of the same sex? I
know such desires were frown upon in the twentieth century from my
research, but once it was determined that a person's sexual orientation
was genetic in origin and not a choice it was no longer considered
important." Data said sounding confused. "I know, but my Granmama, my mother's mother, was a very religious
person who attempted to fill ls gallery pedo my head with the idea that loving
someone of the same sex was 'evil' and 'immoral'. I guess it worked
better than she had hoped." Geordi said still looking at his hands. "It must be my lack of emotions, but I cannot understand how loving
another person could ever be considered either evil or immoral." Data
said, "Have you spoken with Consular Troi about this? She could
help you come to terms with your true feelings." "No my Granmama drilled the concept of it being bad pretty deeply
into ls magazine pedo movies my pedo boys free sites head. It is only over the years that I've seen Cmdr. Riker
hop back and forth from female to pedo child kiddy cum
male love interests that I've
started to realize that maybe she was wrong. He has sex with men
quite frequently and has advanced up the ranks. And he isn't evil
or immoral." Geordi said seeming to relax a little. "I can assure you that he is neither of those. Is there anyway
that I can help you?" Data said. Looking up Geordi noticed young pedo children that Data had removed the pillow from his
lap and was once again exposing his new pedo pixs
penis. Now it was only half
erect. Staring at it Geordi said, "Perhaps if I were to make love
with another man and find out that I don't instantly burst into
flames or die it might help." Looking away from Data and back down
at his hands. "Do you wish to have sex with me Geordi? I am fully functional
and programmed with a large number of techniques and would be gentle
with you." Data asked. "I'm not sure I can go through with it, but if I don't try
now I might never build my courage up to try it again." Geordi
said. Data stood up and walked over to Geordi. Holding his hand out
he helped Geordi stand up. As he did so he said, "I am sorry
that their is not a bed in my cabin, but the coach can be a
very comfortable location for engaging in love making." Nervously Geordi said, "The coach is fine with me, but it is
a little bright in here." "Computer 50% illumination." Data said. He then proceeded to
gently run his hands down Geordi's arms before he slipped them
behind his back and moved closer, embracing Geordi and giving him
a slow passionate kiss. At first Geordi didn't react, but as the sensation began to feel
like an electrical charge flowing through his body the started to
return the kiss with all the passion and desire that he had bottled
up over the years. When Data pressed his tongue into Geordi's mouth he was a little
shocked at first how warm and moist it felt. The engineer in him
knew in the back of his mind that Data was created to simulate a
human closely, even to having heating units in his skin that
generated the illusion of human body heat. As Geordi returned the advances by using his own tongue to
probe Data's mouth, the android reached his hands up and undid
the fastener on Geordi's uniform and then gently stepped back
breaking the kiss so that he could lifted the shirt over Geordi's
head exposing his dark ebony chest with its light covering of
black hair. Leaning forward again Data began to kiss the nape of Geordi's
neck and then slowly started to illegale pedo bilder
move downward placing light
kisses on his chest and stopping momentarily to run his tongue
around one of Geordi's nipples before continuing down and probing
his bellybutton with his tongue while on his knees. Data then leaned back again so he could unfasten Geordi's pants
and lower both them and his underwear taking a moment to notice
that Geordi's pedo top list nu penis was fully erect and throbbing to the rapid
beating of his heart. Once he had the pants lowered all the
way to his boots he looked up and asked, "Geordi could you please
sit down so that I may remove your boots?" Geordi returned to sitting on the couch and allowed Data to remove
his boots and finally his pedo fuck video pants completely. Leaning forward again
Data placed his hand on Geordi's penis, as he did so Geordi
marveled at the contrast of Data's pale hand against his own
dark ebony skin. Data slowly began running his hand up and down the length of
Geordi's penis causing him to let out a short sigh from feeling
the touch of another being bringing him pleasure. Data next
moved closer and started children porn pedo licking the base of Geordi's penis,
but above his balls causing another sigh from him. He then moved higher running his tongue up Geordi's length and
accepted the tip of it into his mouth where he proceeded to move
his tongue in circles about the throbbing head before he took the
entire length into his mouth causing Geordi to moan this time. Geordi continued to moan as Data bobbed his head up and down,
knowing just the right amount of pressure to apply with his lips
and where to pause so he could run his tongue around causing
Geordi's pulse to race even faster. The next time Data moved up the length of Geordi's cock he
let it slip out of his mouth and then proceeded to run his
tongue down the length continuing on past the base where he
began licking his balls, sucking one into his mouth and running
his tongue around it every now and again. From there he moved lower and tickled the sensitive patch of
skin between Geordi's anus and balls provoking another moan
of pleasure from him which turned into an almost animal sounding
grunt as he continued lower and started probing his best pedo movies ass with
his tongue. Running teens in thongs pedo
it around the outside edge and occasionally
quickly inserting it and removing it before it became too much
for Geordi to deal with. Having gotten Geordi well lubricated with his tongue Data
returned to his knees and holding his own hard member in his
hand started to press it against Geordi's slick, warm and
inviting asshole. Sounding a little frightened Geordi suddenly said, "Data, please
stop. I don't think I can take natural angel pedo a penis that large." Data stopped
pressing pedo naked teens
his enormous cock against Geordi's butthole. "If you wish
Geordi, I do not want to hurt you.", Data said, "There are any
number of other techniques we can use." Moving back and laying
on the floor Data added, "You can sit on top of me and move back
and forth. I believe you will find the sensation pleasurable." Moving so pedo nude sex
that he was straddling Data, Geordi spread his cheeks
over his penis so that he could move back and forth feeling
Data's manhood slide across the sensitive rim of anus. As he
began sliding back and forth enjoying the pleasure of Data's
pulsing member between his legs, he thrilling at the added peaks
of bliss caused each time the head of Data's penis caught ever
so lightly on his asshole, Data took a hold of his cock and
started to stroke it in rhythm to Geordi's motions. Geordi drank in the enjoyment, no, pure pleasure of making love
to another being and not feeling guilty about it. Enjoying the
warm bliss of having another body in contact with his. The
sensation of Data's penis rubbing against his anus. pedo fuck video
It was all
too much for him. Data could sense from several nymph naked pedo physiological
observations that Geordi was near the point of no return. So
as Geordi slid back down the length of his penis he caused
himself to ejaculate just as the tip of his penis reached Geordi's
anus. The sudden feeling of hot man juice spraying against his asshole
was too much for Geordi. He let out a cry of pleasure as he
loosened a wild surge of his own cum covering Data's smooth
hairless chest and face. Spasming again and again as he
released more and more cum until he was breathing hard and totally
spent. He collapsed forward pressing his chest against Data's,
feeling his own cum create a slick lubricant between them. Data positioned himself so that they could cuddle with one
another. Geordi placed his head on Data's chest and through his
tears of joy and relief said, "Thanks you Data, thank you. I
can't explain how much you have helped me." Moving to cradle Geordi's head Data said, "You are a friend
Geordi, I sexe pedophilia could do no less than everything in my power to
help you overcome any problem you face. However this is only
a first step in a long process of self acceptance." "I know." Geordi said, "And I am going to take your advice
and make an appointment with Deanna tomorrow to start working
my way through this." With that pedo sweet little kiddies
Geordi began to relax and
shortly there after fell asleep cradled in Data's arms. As Data arranged his body to make Geordi more comfortable
he thought about the situation. While he could not feel the
emotion of being happy for having helped Geordi, his positronic
neural pedofilia girls sex
nets did exhibit interesting patterns when he thought
about how he was there to help a dear friend petit pedo clip illegal
in his rebirth
as he took his first small steps toward finding his true self.
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